Kingston Kitchen and Living Area Re-Imagined

The existing space in this house was awkward and broken up. It included a small dining room that was closed off and accessed through a narrow doorway. The wall between the existing kitchen area and the dining room was removed, allowing the kitchen to be moved into the former dining room. This opened up the eating area and living area into a much larger, cohesive space that has become the gathering place of the home.

All of the flooring was changed to create a seamless flow throughout, although the planks of the floor were set perpendicular to the kitchen/eating area floor in the living room area, so as to draw attention to the small step down between the areas. The new fireplace box was finished with a textural stone and a ‘mirror’ wall was completed in the kitchen area to draw the space together.

Windows and doors were trimmed with a much more substantial trim. The header over the windows was finished with a crown molding.

Belleville Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen was a part of a complete home renovation, which included a 400 square foot addition. Heritage elements of the home were preserved.